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As a 245D provider, Nadeer Home Health focuses on providing individualized care that is high-quality, reliable, and effective. Nadeer Home Health will significantly improve the quality of life for our clients through the use of creative ideas and proficiency in the provision of top-notch services. We place a premium on treating every client with consideration and respect. To guarantee that you achieve your healthcare goals in your own way, we are by your side at every stage. Our staff is committed to creating a care plan just for you; we pay close attention to your needs and respond to them on a personal level. We also keep our word that we will get to know you and your needs so that we may best serve you.

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ICS are services that provide support and training in community living service categories to adults age 18 and older who reside in a living unit of a provider- controlled ICS setting (e.g., apartment in a multi-family housing building). ICS can be delivered up to 24 hours per day in the person’s living unit or in the community.

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